50K Blackjack

Odds of winning top prize: 1 in 480,000

50K Blackjack

50K Blackjack

Everyone’s a high roller in the $50,000 Blackjack game. Each $50,000 Blackjack ticket features four distinct Blackjack games. In each game, beat the DEALER’S HAND without going over 21. Once you’re done playing, count the total number of HANDS you won. Beat the dealer on at least THREE (3) HANDS total to instantly win a prize of up to $50,000!

House rules: A = 11. J, Q and K = 10. Dealer wins on a tie.

Ask your Lottery retailer for a $5 $50,000 Print ‘n Play Blackjack ticket, or press the Print ‘n Play Games button on the Game Machine – no playslip to fill out, no numbers to choose and no need to wait for a draw.

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What is $50K Blackjack?

Are you ready to up the stakes on your favorite card game? Try to beat the house in $50,000 Blackjack, a fast-paced version of our blackjack game that offers a big payout for those who can beat the dealer on 12 hands.

The game follows the same rules as blackjack. The dealer gets a new hand every three plays, so you are playing against a different total. Feel the adrenaline surge as you work your way through each of the four tables on the ticket

How do you play?

Buy a $50,000 Blackjack ticket at an authorized Lottery retailer or from a Game Machine. Not sure where to find Lottery games? You can use our mobile app or location finder to find a retailer or Game Machine.

The goal is to beat the dealer's hand. Start by adding the value of the dealer’s two cards to see how many points the dealer has. Numerical cards count as the number they bear. Jacks, queens and kings are worth 10 apiece. Aces are worth 11. So, if the dealer has an ace and an eight, they have 19 points.

Your goal is to best that total without going over 21. If, for example, you have two aces, then you are over 21 and can't win.

How do you win?

You win the game by beating the dealer's hand. Say you get 18, and the dealer has 16. You win that hand.

Tally up the number of hands you win, and keep a running total of that number. The more hands you beat the dealer on, the greater the prize you can win. If you win at least three hands, you win a prize.

What are the prizes?

The top cash prize in $50K Blackjack is $50,000, which requires you to win 12 hands. You can get a $5 prize by winning three hands. Interested in more games? Sign up for an online subscription, and see what other games we offer.

Ways To Win

Beat the Dealer on 12 Hands
1 in 480,000
Beat the Dealer on 11 Hands
1 in 120,000
Beat the Dealer on 10 Hands
1 in 2,400
Beat the Dealer on 9 Hands
1 in 400
Beat the Dealer on 8 Hands
1 in 80
Beat the Dealer on 7 Hands
1 in 60
Beat the Dealer on 6 Hands
1 in 60
Beat the Dealer on 5 Hands
1 in 26.7
Beat the Dealer on 4 Hands
1 in 33.8
Beat the Dealer on 3 Hands
1 in 8.3

Overall Chances of Winning any Prize: 1 in 4.23

Legal Stuff

Need more info? Check out our official rules for $50,000 Blackjack.