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registration and login

  • My password is not being accepted when I try to log in. What's wrong?
    Most likely, you haven't opened a MyGameRoom account. You'll need to open an account to enter your ticket(s). Click "Sign Up" from the top right menu to register. Once completed, click the Continue button.
  • I forgot my password. What should I do?
    "Login" from the top right menu and follow the instructions to have your password emailed to you. You'll need to use the original email address you used to open a MyGameRoom account, even if it is no longer current.

submitting entries from the website

  • I am not able to enter my tickets. When I click on ENTER NOW, I am asked to login. Why is this happening?
    To enter this contest on the Internet, you need a MyGameRoom account. To open an account, Click "Sign Up" from the top right menu to register. Once completed, click the Continue button.
  • I received a message that says the entry/ticket number has already been entered. How can that be if I have it in my possession.  What should I do?
    First, check your list of previously submitted entries to verify that the ticket has not been previously entered by you. If it has not, please contact the Lottery at Contact Us. Include the eighteen-digit serial number that you tried to enter, and the Virginia Lottery will investigate.
  • May I enter a drawing more than once?
    Yes. You may enter a drawing as many times as you wish using different non-winning tickets for each entry. However, a player is eligible to win only one (1) prize per drawing.
  • I have tickets, but I can't remember whether I have entered them into the drawing. How can I see which tickets have been entered?
    Each time you submit an entry, a record of the entry appears in your list of entries at the bottom of the page where you submitted your tickets. All of your entries are in that list, so you may cross-reference that list with the ones you are holding.
  • May I dispose of the tickets after I have entered them using MyGameRoom account?
    You need to hang onto those tickets. Don't toss them out. If you win a prize, we'll need the entry that was drawn. If your name doesn't appear on the original winner list, you could still be contacted as an alternate winner, so keep 'em for 90 days from the original posting.
  • Do I need to be a Virginia resident to enter any promotion?
    No. There are no restrictions for out-of-state players. Anyone who is eligible to purchase Virginia Lottery tickets is eligible to participate in this promotion.

winners and prizes

  • How do I find out if I have been selected as a winner?
    An unofficial list of winners will be posted on our website no more than 5 business days after each drawing. Winners become official once we've verified they qualify. We check age, identification and entry validity. We will contact winners directly to explain how to claim a prize. Remember, you'll need the entry drawn to claim a prize.
  • I submitted several entries into the drawing. Why didn't I win a prize?
    Winners are randomly selected, so your chance of winning, no matter how many times you enter, requires a little luck.

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